Dr Ljiljana Gajić

Full Professor

Functional Analysis, Geometry and Topology


Ljiljana Gajić


Born 1951. B.Sc. 1974. M.Sc. 1980. Ph.D. 1982. Full Professor since 1996.

She has taught courses Real Analysis, Optimization Theory, Methods for Solving Operator Equations and Mathematics for stydents of Geography.


Her mathematical interests are in fixed piont theory with applications. She is the author of 38 scientific papers and 4 textbooks.

Selected Publications

  1. Hadžić, O., Gajić, Lj., A Fixed Point Theorem for Multivalued Mappings in Topological Vector Spaces, Fund. Math. 109(1980),163-167.
  2. Hadžić, O., Gajić, Lj., Some Applications of Fixed Point Theorems for Multivalued Mappings on Minimax Problem, Math. Opertionsforsch. Stat.Ser. Optimization 15(1984), 193-201.
  3. Gajić, Lj., On Relative Topological Degree of Set-valued Compact Vector Fields, Ind. Jour. of Pure and Appl. Math. 19(3)(1988), 269-276.
  4. Hadžić, O., Gajić, Lj., Janak, T. Fixed Point Theorems for Multivalued Mappings in Topological Vector Spaces and Their Application, Faxiculi Mathematici 20, 261(1989) 17-32.
  5. Gajić, Lj., Fixed Point Theorems for Some Nonlinear Mappings in Convex Metric Spaces, Radovi Matematicki 5(1989), 247-259.
  6. Gajić, Lj., On the common fixed point for two sequences of self-mappings in Menger spaces, Acta, Math. Hungar, 67 (3) (1995), 193-210.

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