AAA94 + NSAC 2017: Special Session on SEMIGROUPS

As part of the programme of the 94th Workshop on General Algebra (AAA94) in conjunction with the 5th Novi Sad Algebraic Conference (NSAC 2017), there will be a special session dedicated to the retirement of Professor Siniša Crvenković, a pioneer of semigroup theory, universal algebra, and many other algebraic disciplines in Novi Sad.

Due to the regulations and tradition of the AAA series, the official part of the special session is limited to a single day (not unlike an NBSAN meeting), which will be Friday, 16 June 2017. The session will start at 9:00 and end by 16:00 and will take place in the main amphitheatre of the Rectorate building of the UNS (the conference venue). It will feature 50-minute (plenary) talks

  • Nik Ruškuc (St Andrews): Congruence lattices of diagram monoids

  • Mikhail V. Volkov (Ekaterinburg): Local finiteness for Green's relations in semigroup varieties

and 25-minute talks

However, unofficially, the 'semigroup component' of the conference will span its entire duration (15-18 June) via additional 25-minute contributed talks, thus effectively resulting in a proper 4-day workshop on semigroups and their applications. Here is the list of speakers and talks in the area of semigroup theory selected for the conference programme (in alphabetical order):

  • Karl Auinger (Vienna): On the variety of strict pseudosemilattices

  • Eugenia A. Bondar (Ekaterinburg): R-cross-sections of the semigroup of order-preserving transformations of a finite chain

  • Miroslav Ćirić (Niš): A semigroup-theoretical approach to the study of generalized inverses

  • Ivana Đurđev (Novi Sad): Sandwich semigroups in locally small categories

  • Peter Fenner (Manchester): The gossip monoid

  • Alexander Jende (Potsdam): On the characterization of orthogroups by disjunctions of identities

  • Marianne Johnson (Manchester): Identities in upper triangular tropical matrix semigroups and the bicyclic monoid

  • Eugenia Kochubinska (Kyiv): Spectral properties of partial automorphisms of a regular rooted tree

  • Valdis Laan (Tartu): Fair semigroups

  • António Malheiro (Lisbon): Identities in plactic and related monoids

  • Azeef Muhammed P. A. (Ekaterinburg): Cross-connections and variants of the full transformation semigroup

  • Munazza Naz (York): The extensions of Green's relations on upper triangular tropical matrices

  • Thomas Quinn-Gregson (York): aleph-0-categorical semigroups

  • Itamar Stein (Ramat Gan): The global dimension of the algebra of the monoid of all partial functions on an n-set

  • Boris M. Vernikov (Eketerinburg): Cancellable elements of the lattice of semigroup varieties

  • Akihiro Yamamura (Akita): Rearrangement problem of two dimensional arrays by prefix reversals

  • Dandan Yang (Xi'an): Free idempotent generated semigroups: subsemigroups, retracts and maximal subgroups

  • Rida-e Zenab (York): Restriction semigroups and λ-Zappa-Szép products

In addition, Milan Petrík (Prague) and Thomas Vetterlein (Linz) will speak about ordered monoids in the section on lattices and other ordered structures.

Looking forward to see you in Novi Sad!

Igor Dolinka
Organiser of the Special Session