Nemanja Milošević

MSc - Software Engineering
Teaching Assistant, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Novi Sad, Serbia


Winter semester 2020/2021

Friday 10:30 - 12:30h
Consultations are online this semester, on the Microsoft Teams platform
Contact me via email, for scheduling:


All course information is hosted on e-PMF Moodle portal.
Databases 1
Professor: dr Miloš Racković
Moodle course - Databases 1
Databases 2
Professor: dr Miloš Racković
Moodle course - Databases 1

Artificial Intelligence 1
Professor: dr Miloš Racković
Moodle course - Artificial Intelligence 1

Computer Networks
Professor: dr Danijela Tešendić
Moodle course - Computer Networks

Business Software Development
Professor: dr Srđan Škrbić
Moodle course - Business Software Development

Script Languages - Python
Professor: dr Jovana Vidaković
Moodle course - Script Languages - Python


Google Scholar

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Open Source

Fedora Project
Fedora Project Developer & Ambassador



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