Conferences and Talks


  1. "The clone of compatible functions of special expanded groups", AAA 88, June 19-22, 2014, Warsaw, Poland http://www.mini.pw.edu.pl/aaa88/AAA88_program_1006.pdf
  2. "Supernilpotent Mal'cev algebras", AAA 87, February 7 - 9, 2014, Linz, Austria http://www.jku.at/JKU_Site/JKU/algebra/content/e176230/e176557/e213625/e230775/schedule.pdf
  3. "A characterization of 2-supernilpotent Mal'cev algebras", The 4th Novi Sad Algebraic Conference, june 5-9, 2013, Novi Sad, Serbia http://www.dmi.uns.ac.rs/nsac2013/home.htm
  4. "A Gumm type result for ternary commutators in Mal'cev algebras", AAA 85, January 31. - February 2. , 2013, Luxembourg http://math.uni.lu/aaa85/aaa85.php
  5. "2-supernilpotent Mal'cev algebras", 50th Summer school on general algebra and ordered sets, 2.-7. September 2012, Novy Smokovec, Slovakia https://sites.google.com/site/ssalgebra2012/program
  6. "Are all finite congruence uniform Mal'cev algebras expanded groups?", AAA 84, 7.-10. June 2012, Dresden, Germany http://www.tu-dresden.de/die_tu_dresden/fakultaeten/fakultaet_mathematik_und_naturwissenschaften/fachrichtung_mathematik/institute/algebra/aaa84
  7. "Congruence uniform Mal'cev algebras and expanded quasigroups", Workshop on algebra and its applications, 27.-29. April 2012, Sokka, Estonia http://math.ut.ee/~vlaan/kaariku/2012/index.html
  8. "How many higher commutator operations can we define on the congruence lattice of a given Mal'cev algebra?" AAA 83, 15.-18. March 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://sites.dmi.rs/events/2012/aaa83/
  9. On Determining the Higher Commutator Operation in Certain Classes of Expanded Groups”  AAA 79, 12.-14. February 2010. Olomouc, Czech Republic (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://tu-dresden.de/die_tu_dresden/fakultaeten/fakultaet_mathematik_und_naturwissenschaften/fachrichtung_mathematik/institute/algebra/aaaseries/prev/prog/prog79.pdf
  10. Higher commutators and multilinear expanded groups” 21st International Conference on Near-rings, Near-fields and related topics, 26. July – 1. August 2009. Vorau, Austria (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://nearrings09.asc.tuwien.ac.at/
  11. Some Applications of Higher Commutators in Mal’cev Algebras“ 12th Serbian Mathematical Congres, 28. August – 2. September 2008. Novi Sad, Serbia (joint work with: E. Aichinger) sites.dmi.rs/events/2008/smkongres
  12. Two Problems for Nilpotent – Supernilpotent Algebras” AAA 76, 22.-25. May 2008. Linz, Austria (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://www.algebra.uni-linz.ac.at/AAA76/
  13. Higher commutators - properties and applications” Algorithmic complexity and universal algebra, 16.-20. July 2007. Szeged, Hungary (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://www.math.u-szeged.hu/confer/algebra/
  14. Higher commutators in Mal’cev algebras: properties and applications” AAA 74, 7.-10. June 2007. Tampere, Finland (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://math.tut.fi/aaa74/
  15. Modular Lattices With Adjacent Projective Meet Irreducible Elements”      International Conference on Lattice Theory in honor of the 70th birthday of George Grätzer and E. Tamás Schmidt, 6.-9. June 2006. Budapest, Hungary (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://www.renyi.hu/conferences/2006/grasch.html
  16. Some Results on Endomorphism Monoids of Countable Homogeneous Graphs” Logic Colloquium, 25.-31. July 2004. Torino, Italy (joint work woth: I. Dolinka) http://lc2004.unito.it/
  17.  “Undecidability of Automorphism Groups of Countable Homogeneous Graphs” 67th Workshop on General Algebra / 19th Conference for Young Algebraists, 26.-28. March 2004. Potsdam, Germany (joint work with: I. Dolinka)

Invited Talks

  1. "Some conditions on Mal'cev algebras that force a polynomial group operation" Bolyai Institute seminar, 5. December 2012, Szeged, Hungary
  2. Higher commutators in Mal’cev algebras: properties and applications” Wiener Algebra Seminar (WAS), 24. August 2007. Vienna, Austria (joint work with: E. Aichinger) http://www.dmg.tuwien.ac.at/fg1/seminar.html
  3. Do the functions that preserve the higher commutators of a Mal’cev algebra form a clone?” Wiener Algebra Seminar (WAS), 20. June 2008. Vienna, Austria (joint work with E. Aichinger) http://www.dmg.tuwien.ac.at/fg1/seminar.html




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