Miloš Savić

position: assistant professor at Chair of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

contact: A at B where A = svc and B =

research interests: analysis of complex networks, co-authorship networks and collaboration in science, software/ontology networks and metrics

publications [google scholar, DBLP]:
Erdős number: 4 (M. Savić -- Z. Budimac -- R. Tošić -- H. Joseph Straight -- P. Erdős)

Lecturer in the following courses:
Data structures and algorithms II, 2015-
Social networks, 2016-
History of Informatics, 2017-

Teaching assistant in the following courses:

 Introduction to programming, 2011-2016
 Data structures and algorithms I, 2011-
 Artificial intelligence II, 2011-
 Requirements engineering, 2012-2014
 Object-oriented programming I, 2013-
 Programming languages, 2014-
 Social networks, 2015-2016

last update: 4.12.2017